Caterina Barbieri presents first installation at Future Shock ahead of new album 

It’s a great pleasure to work with Caterina Barbieri and her own label light-years as part of our Label & Artist Services partnership and the last few weeks have seen an incredible creative output from this ground breaking artist.

In April Barbieri announced ‘Broken Melody’, the first single from her new album ‘Spirit Exit’ coming this July and available to pre-order now. The single was accompanied by a stunning video art directed by Barbieri and Ruben Spini. It’s a direct portal into her sound-world constructed of elements that move simultaneously fast and slow, that at the same moment feel both massive like a force of nature, and intimate like a private conversation.

Now Barbieri presents her first installation ‘Vigil’, at 180 Studios in London as part of Fact’s major new Future Shock exhibition. The installation is a multimedia collaboration also with Ruben Spini, bringing together musical, visual and sculptural elements, to explore the power of sound and vision. The central element of the installation is a portal that symbolically connects to Barbieri’s idea of music as a gateway to transcending time and space.

The exhibition is on until 28th August and includes work from 14 pioneering digital artists. Caterina Barbieri is also on the cover of this month’s Fact issue, shot by photographer Jim C. Nedd.

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