Disclosure to head up next DJ-Kicks on !K7 Records

Up next to mix DJ-Kicks, with a mix landing 15th October is Disclosure. For a duo whose youthful energy rejuvenated the world of house music at the start of the 2010s, it seems incredible that Disclosure are now into their second decade of musical life. The vigour of those early records, the spark of invention and ever-onward musical thrust remains with the Disclosure brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, to this day.

The first exclusive single of the mix ‘Observer Effect’ is out now alongside pre-orders of a limited edition white vinyl + special packaging and poster on the !K7 Records store. See the full package here.

“Most of the mix is presenting what you can do with house, and that’s basically our career: trying to move house forward, whether it’s with songwriting or using different genres or different languages. The mix should represent where we’re at now; and where we’re at now is clubby.” – Guy Lawrence, Disclosure

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