Hear A New Nina Kraviz Track + DJ-Kicks Tour Dates

Nina Kraviz is one of the busiest DJs in the world, and her frenetic pace shows no sign of slowing in 2015. With her sublime DJ-Kicks mix dropping January 26th, she’s taking to the road for a series of DJ dates. If you haven’t caught a set from her before, you’re in for a treat.

In the meantime, stream a new track from Nina’s DJ-Kicks. “IMPRV” also appears on the debut release from her new label трип (pronounced ‘trip’), an EP called “The Deviant Octapus.” DJ-Kicks is currently available for pre-order.

Nina Kraviz DJ-Kicks Tour Dates

24 December ’14 Thesaloniki, Greece: NON Aesthetics
25 December ’14 Athens, Greece: Blend
26 December ’14 Ancona, Italy: Harmonized
27 December ’14 Basel, Switzerland: Nordstern
31 December ’14 Palermo, Italy: Unlocked at MOB
01 January ’15 London, United Kingdom: Oval Space
01 January ’15 Amsterdam, Netherlands: Awakenings
05 January ’15 Bergamo, Italy: Bolgia
30 January ’15 La Rochelle, France: La Sirene
31 January ’15 Eindhoven, Netherlands: Awakenings
31 January ’15 Liege, Belgium: Les Transardentes Festival
01 February ’15 Paris, France: Rex Club
06 February ’15 Offenbach am Main, Germany: Robert Johnson
07 February ’15 Avignon, France: Kolorz Festival
13 February ’15 Rekyavik, Iceland: Sonar
14 February ’15 Stockholm, Sweden: Sonar
21 February ’15 Montpeiller, France: Zenith
22 February ’15 Lyon, France: Le Sucre
06 March ’15 Nijmagen, Netherlands: Doornrosje
07 March ’15 Grenoble, France: Le Belle Electric
14 March ’15 Foligno, Italy: Serendipity
18 March ’15 Madrid, Spain: Fabrik
20 March ’15 Rotterdam, Netherlands: Toffler
21 March ’15 Brussels, Belgium: Fuse

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