!K7 Records announces Elkka DJ-Kicks

We are very happy to share the new DJ-Kicks, curated by Cardiff hailing DJ and producer Elkka, is now available. Known for her dynamic tracks on labels such as Local Action, Ninja Tune, and her own label and party, femme culture, this one is not to miss.

“This is a really special moment for me because DJ-Kicks has been a formative part of my musical education,” – Elkka

Elkka’s own exclusive DJ-Kicks contributions further this magpie-like approach, and uncannily ring out like sister tracks. Hands’ lead synth melody and rolling hi-hat is gloriously uplifting, summoning the euphoric physicality of its title. Body is darker, heads-down cut, its chuggy percussion eliciting movement that can only be found in the dance. You need both sides to everything. I wanted to write music that moves you and instantly evokes feeling. I’ve never connected with music that feels sonically ‘cold’ to me. That’s not to say that warmth is always joyful, either – warmth can be anything that pulls you in, making you feel a connection.”

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