!K7’s First-Ever Record Store Day Release Collects Work Of Italian Hardware Genius Bochum Welt

This year, !K7 will be releasing our first ever Record Store Day title, in the form of an essential collection from veteran Italian hardware lover and Rephlex Records alum Bochum Welt. April is a broad exploration of ambient and downtempo that revisits and re-edits a selection of old works as well as offering up brand new music, all available for the first time on vinyl.

Bochum Welt is an avid collector of various vintage pedals and sound manglers, and in 1994 joined with Aphex Twin’s influential Rephlex label, where he put out many EPs and three full lengths. He is an accomplished musical engineer, sound designer and master of electronic atmospheres, and in his time he has made it into The Wire’s Top 15 albums of the year.

April collects sixteen short but absorbing tracks for their first-ever vinyl release. Several tracks previously were originally released on CD by Rephlex, while many tracks are completely unheard. From crunchy beats overlaid with pixelated pads to blissfully organic and tender piano-laced ambient numbers, the music on April is never less than beautiful. Expressive and personal throughout, this album is about sound research and melodic sensibility and is as technically awe inspiring as it is purely enjoyable.

April is released 22nd April 2017 in conjunction with Record Store Day worldwide (22nd April 2017). A list of participating retailers is available on the Record Store Day site. A full digital release to follow on 5th May.

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