Lafawndah is a composer, producer, and singer, a singular visionary in the realm of score who combines earworm pop sensibilities with layered electronic production and rhythms procured from around the world. She has scored work for projects across fashion, art and advertising, collaborating with the likes of Laure Prouvost (French Pavilion, Venice Biennale), Xavier Cha (Art Basel, Empty Gallery HK) and Jacolby Satterwhite (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), while the fashion world has embraced her for custom composition for adverts and runways, from Kenzo and Nowness to Chanel and Fendi.

Her deep knowledge of modern cinematic history has inspired her personal creative framework for composing to visual projects from exciting new angles – she holds a fascination for the counterpoints between music, body and space, and her compositions echo this along with her own film production skills which have in addition seen her direct her own artistic works and music videos.

Throughout Lafawndah’s music, including in 2019’s debut album ‘Ancestor Boy’, one can trace the influence of musical antecedents AR Rahmann, Missy Elliott, or Geinoh Yamashirogumi, all while feeling and sounding only like herself. With a palate of equal parts chrome, dirt and ice, Lafawndah’s finesse with song architecture imbues her existence with an uncanny addictiveness: anthems loaded with trap doors, pop music that is neither imperial nor local, but a freedom of movement.

Lafawndah’s Sync Reel