Lone – Saturday Night EP

Following on from his intimate entry into the DJ-kicks mix series, Lone is putting out a vinyl only EP of all the unreleased tracks from it.

The horizontal mix tapped into all of Lone’s influences, from hip-hop to house, IDM to techno. It also showcased some producers signed to his own Magic Wire label, and of course the back bone was built from some of the Nottingham man’s freshest new productions. They come after celebrated releases on Werk Discs, R&S and Dekmantel, and include dance floor aligned EPs and more rounded full lengths designed for close listening. Here he sits in between the two across three thrilling cuts.

Opener ’Saturday Night’ is a breezy bit of deep house with crisp boom-baps and swirling pads that lend it a dreamy, ethereal feel. Spoken word snippets are stitched into the groove and the whole thing is as frictionless and feel good as house comes.

Next up, ‘Arc’ is a little more direct, with scattered snares flapping over dry wooden kicks. It’s a punchy bit of house latest DJ-kicks mix star Kerri Chandler would be proud, and comes overlaid with spring time flutes and luscious pads as a classically inclined bassline powers things along.

Last but not least is ‘Alpha Wheel 4’ (Ambient Mix), a kaleidoscopic passage of suspensory sound scuffed up glassy surfaces trapping you in rays of refracted light from start to finish.

All three tracks exhibit Lone’s authentic, lived in and lo-fi aesthetic, and as a result slip perfectly into his ever more essential discography.

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