New album from Niklas Paschburg

Niklas Paschburg‘s third album Panta Rhei arrives via 7K!. The title and the music are inspired by Heraclitus’s Greek philosophy that “everything flows” and finds the Hamburg-born artist exploring an unrestricted world of electronic and post-classical music drawn from deep within himself. 

Panta Rhei is the sound of Niklas removing any conceptual boundaries and following his instincts. He wrote each song firstly on the piano and then added to them with either a drummer, a saxophone, a singer, or an accordion, while electronics guide and unique the sound of the record.

“These new songs describe places I’ve visited within myself, things that I carry with me or I observe in others. The goal was to explore many different musical places and atmospheres all held together by one river that contains everything, but mindful of the fact that, as Heraclitus’s ‘Panta rhei’ theory states, we can not step into the same river twice. “

Niklas’s personal journey becomes a captivating and colourful musical journey that combines his melancholic and delicate pianism with synths and electronic beats, suggestive ambient and the evocative voices of German singer Lúisa, Spaniard Bianca Steck and the Icelandic Kaktus Einarsson, frontman of post-punk band Fufanu. It is a move towards ambient-pop that is intimate and meditative but with positive and uplifting vibes.

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