Niklas Paschburg

Niklas Paschburg is a German pianist, composer and producer born in Hamburg but currently based in Berlin. At 4 years old he began to play around with the piano at his grandparents’ place, at age 5 he asked to start taking lessons. Fast forward to 2014 and Niklas released his first single ‘DAWN’, followed by the EP ‘Tuur Mang Welten’.

In 2018, after spending time in the forests of southern Germany and on the Baltic Coast, he released his debut album ‘Oceanic’ via 7K!. The record received critical acclaim across the board including NPR Music and The Guardian, as well as synchs for a variety of brand and independent film projects.

Niklas performs frequent headline and festival shows throughout Europe and developed a steadily growing live audience. 2020 will see the release of his new album ‘Svalbard’, composed on the Norwegian archipelago and later recorded, produced and mixed together with Andy Barlow of Lamb.

Niklas Paschburg’s Sync Reel