Exclusive new Nigeria 70 boxset on Strut

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Comprising 9 LPs and featuring all 4 volumes, the set also features a 24 page 12-inch-size booklet featuring previously unpublished interviews with artists and figures from Nigeria’s 1970s music scene alongside 5 thick card collector 12” prints of original  album sleeves and a download including the full digital series and original Nigeria 70 audio documentary, narrated by Wunmi.

Originally released in 2001, Nigeria 70 was the first compilation of its kind to explore in depth the fertile music scene in Lagos as domestic artists mixed highlife and traditional rhythms with soul, funk, rock and jazz. While Western audiences were already familiar with Fela Kuti and his life story, the album placed the spotlight on some of the other great musicians and bandleaders in Nigeria during the ‘70s period: Joni Haastrup, Peter King, Segun Bucknor, Bala Miller, Blo, King Sunny Ade, Tunji Oyelana and many more. Three further volumes followed, exploring the far corners of original Afrobeat, juju, funk and soul. This new box set is the definitive edition for all lovers of original Nigerian sounds. 

It is currently available as an exclusive product in the Strut store and Bandcamp.

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